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About Nis


Geographically, Niš is located at the crossroads of the most important Balkan roads. Adittion of Nis passes the European highway E75, which leads from the north from Belgrade, and continues south to Thessaloniki and Athens. Another important highway is the road E80, which leads from Adriatic Sea and Pristina, to Dimitrovgrad, Sofia, Istanbul, and further to the Middle East. Nis also have a road leading to the northwest to Zajecar, Kladovo and Timisoara.


Nis is the hub of railway lines that goes to Belgrade, Skopje and Thessaloniki. Constantine the GreatInternational Airport (code INI) is located 4 km from the center, from which travel regular flights to Zurich, and seasonal flights to Tivat and London (via Sofia).


Nis is the largest city in southeastern Serbia, Nis District seat.


    Important tourist destinations in Nis and the surrounding area are:
  • Niska Banja (Spa)
  • Nis fortress
  • Cair - park with swimming pool and sport courts
  • Median - the archaeological site from Roman times
  • Suva Planina (Mountain)
  • Kamenicki Vis - ski resort near Nis
  • Sicevacka klisura (Canyon)
  • Oblacinsko jezero (Lake)
  • Red Cross camp
  • Bubanj - a memorial park to the victims of the World War II
  • Cele kula Monument (Skull tower)
  • Cegar Monument